Computer Architecture

Like every other professor in the universe, in Spring 2020 I switched my courses mid-semester to online only. My plan is to have short, focused videos that provide sufficient background for class-time demos and discussion. Here are links to videos created so far. 

Part 1: MIPS Programming

  1. Introduction to computer architecture (video)
  2. Numbering systems and conversions (video)
  3. MIPS programming (video)
  4. More MIPS programming (video)
  5. MIPS arithmetic/logic instructions (video)
  6. Conditionals, loops, and functions (video)
  7. Functions and the stack (video)
  8. Advanced MIPS programming (video)

Part 2: Hardware and Software

1.     MIPS floating point (video) (Reference sheet)
2.  CPU performance (video)
3.  CPU comparisons (video)
4.     Compilers/Interpreters (video)
5.     Computer Organization (video)
6.     Digital Logic (video)
7.     MIPS non-pipelined implementation (video)
8.     MIPS control signals (video)
9.     Review of Part 2 material

Part 3: Memory and Parallelism

1.     MIPS pipeline (video)
2.     Pipeline hazards (video)
3.     Memory hierarchy (video1) (video2)
4.     More memory topics (video)
5.     Parallelism (video)
6.     Review of Part 3 Material

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